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Gray x Juvia: 413 days by dagga19
Gray x Juvia: 413 days
Whoaaa, long time since I last drew some FT^^ But episode 220 was so cute that I couldn't help it^^ Usually, Gray and Juvia's relationship looks more like a one-sided love, but in this episode, I could tell that Gray cared for Juvia^^

I love this moment when they both walk under the snow, in opposite directions. I'll give you a little summary of the episode so that you'll understand the drawing^^:

The scarf was a present that Juvia knitted for Gray to celebrate the 413th day since their meeting, but unfortunately, this day happened to be also the death anniversary of Ul, Gray's beloved mentor. So Juvia got rejected when she tried to give the scarf to Gray, and after learning the truth about this particular day, she heads back to her dormitory, feeling guilty for claiming hapiness at such a time.

(of course, after a while, Gray realized that he shouldn't have turn her down, and runs back to where they met, looking for the scarf :) Kawaaaiii!! )
FFIX: Zidane x Garnet manga cover by dagga19
FFIX: Zidane x Garnet manga cover
Hehe, told ya, my FF9 obsession is back!! XD And here is another Zidane x Garnet fanart^^ This pairing is very popular, yet there aren't many fanarts of them...

Fairy Tail fans will easily guess what has inspired me for Zidane's pose^^ Yes, it's a manga cover of Fairy Tail, the one with Jellal Vs Oracion Seis^^ I wanted to make this looks like a manga cover too, I hope it does^^

Garnet looks sad because she hasn't realized that the hooded man is her beloved Zidane^^
FFIX: A thief and a princess under disguise by dagga19
FFIX: A thief and a princess under disguise
FF9 powaaaa mode back!!! XD My favourite couple ever^^ I've always wanted to draw Zidane with his Pluto Knight outfit, and as I love Garnet's White Mage outfit too, I got the idea to draw this scene^^ It's funny how they are both trying to hide their true identity, yet Zidane knows she's the Princess, and Garnet saw through his disguise too^^ The power of love! :love: XD

I hope I managed to reproduce the background^^

(Btw, I noticed that Zidane was hiding his tail in this costume :p )
Final Fantasy IX: Garnet - Dagger Amano version by dagga19
Final Fantasy IX: Garnet - Dagger Amano version
I guess you all know that Garnet wasn't created by Amano^^ He only drew her the same way he draws Nomura's characters^^

I love this outfit, it looks a lot like the original one, but Amano added his personnal touch, like the flowers, the belt..^^ and Garnet really looks cute with loose hair^^
Tales of Xilia: Milla Maxwell by dagga19
Tales of Xilia: Milla Maxwell
And here is the last drawing for :iconyoufie: 's birthday, Milla Maxwell from Tales of Xillia^^ Unlike Jude, I like her outfits in ToX more than ToX2^^ Her outfit is very detailed, I love it^^ And she has a very special hair color^^ She seems to be a great character^^

Rosa- chan, héhé, je suis sûre que tu as été surprise par celui là! :D Le style de Tales Of doit un peu ressembler au mien, parce que j'ai pas eu de mal sur celui là non plus^^

Et dédicace à ma petite Claire, pas d'infarctus!! XD


Hello everyone!!!

There  were so many people who wished me a happy birthday that I couldn't answer one by one ^^ That's why I'm saying a big "THANK YOU VERY MUCH!" to you all :) That was very sweet ;)

Have a nice day^^
  • Listening to: KH2 2,5 remix OST
  • Reading: KH Days manga^^
  • Watching: KH Re Coded the Movie
  • Playing: nothing^^
  • Eating: Behemoth steack cooked by Lightning XD
  • Drinking: Potion

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